Who Are We

CBSI-Ireland is a ministry of Community Bible Study International which is an affiliate of the United States-based Community Bible Study.

The ministry in Ireland began in 1998 as Cathy Rutman, an Irish-born citizen of the United States and active participant in CBS studies, was led by the Lord to go to Ireland with CBSI to start CBSI studies in her beloved homeland. In 2005, her husband, Tim retired and was able to join her in this ministry, as did her CBS companion Patti Allgood and her husband Sam.

Cathy, Tim, Patti, and Sam travel to Ireland 3 times a year, usually in Jan/Feb, Apr/May, and Sep/Oct. During these trips
they meet prospective leaders, train new leaders, and meet with existing leaders and groups to continue to encourage and mentor them in their growing ministries.

At this time, there are 8 existing studies, 6 in the Republic of Ireland and 2 in Northern Ireland.

A team of national leaders is being developed as we seek to turn over responsibility for this ministry to a national leadership team.

For more information or to get on our email list, contact us at cbsi-ireland@cox.net or leave a comment here on our blog site.

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