Visiting with Leaders

Had a wonderful dinner with one of our couples who are leading separate mens and womens groups in Rathfarnham. Got to see some pictures from their vacation at Disney World this summer, where they also spent some time with Cathy’s sister and family. We also got to share some of our family pictures and enjoyed a time of building deeper relationships. Learned that their studies are continuing to draw in new people and encourage their hearts.

Traveling to Dublin

We departed Atlanta, GA around 7pm on Wed, Sep 27th and arrived safely in Dublin around 9am on Thu, Sep 28th. We were quite pleased that the plane was only about half-full, allowing us room to stretch out and try to get some sleep (quite unsuccessfully).

We only had two disappointments:

  1. Sam’s discovery before flying out of Norfolk that his driver’s license was not in his wallet, disqualifying him from driving while here and
  2. Tim and Cathy’s discovery after landing in Dublin that their luggage had not been transferred in Atlanta. Fortunately, it did make the next flight and they received it all on Friday morning.

The rest of Thursday was spent getting settled in, picking up some groceries, and catching up on some sleep.

After getting some rest, we went to visit some missionary friends who normally store some things for us while we are gone. We only got to visit with the husband and son for a short while as they got a call to pick up the wife at the airport, returning from a trip to Greece. He did allow us to stay a while though, to use his computer to check our emails and to send out some emails letting our families know that we had arrived safely.