Going to Church and Getting Connected

Going to church with a contact as planned did not work out, so we attended one with many long-time contacts and pastored by a supportive friend of CBSI, Abbey Presbyterian in downtown Dublin. They always provide good opportunity for fellowship over tea and coffee after worship, so we enjoyed some good time with many contacts there. Afterwards, we returned to our apartment to catch up on some more rest.

Later in the day, we got to talk to our landlord about the feasibility of getting an internet connection in our apartment, as this would help us tremendously in keeping in touch both with our friends back home and our contacts here. It turns out that since our last trip, they have had a wireless connection put in. Sam’s wireless card was having problems, but he had brought a 100-foot cable that he gave to the landlord in exchange for the internet access, who said he would run it as soon as he had a chance.

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