Safe Arrival in Ireland

Patti and Cathy arrived safely in Ireland this morning. Despite getting their first-class upgrade, they were still unable to sleep on the flight, so they are very tired and will be trying to get some sleep today before doing some necessary grocery shopping.

Meanwhile, back on the home-front, we are getting heavy rain which is delaying school openings by 2 hours. Therefore, instead of taking Jasmine to school, I am waiting for Tony to pick her up after getting off from work at 7:30 so that I can get to work.

After work, I am teaching tonight at our CBS class in Virginia Beach on James 3, Godly Speech and Godly Wisdom. I will be addressing how we can improve in those areas through scripture memory and meditation. Pray for Godly speech and wisdom for me as I speak and for His leading in our even meeting in light of today’s weather.


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