Oct 3, 2010 – Arrival of Northern Ireland CBSI Leaders

The CBSI-Ireland area visitors for Northern Ireland, Sammy & Joan Fulton, arrived on Monday to spend a few days with Patti and Cathy and then with Patti and Sam after his arrival. They will be staying with us until our National Servants Team meeting on Saturday as they are part of that team. We hope to invest significant time during their stay training and preparing them to do the same kinds of things that we do … finding new study prospects, training and mentoring leaders.

Sammy is the one we have been praying for regarding surgery for a brain tumor. Continue to pray as that surgery is planned for Thursday, Oct 14th, the day before we return home. We are glad that he is well enough to travel and be with us this week. Pray also for Joan as she has been having problems with congestion in her chest and if Sammy were to get what she has it would mean another delay in his surgery.

Blessings in Christ,
Sam & Patti Allgood

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