Pray for the Rutmans

Please keep Tim and Cathy Rutman in your prayers. After a fairly short-term illness, Tim’s sister, Nyla, passed away over the weekend. Tim will be traveling to Missouri from Virginia with their daughter and son-in-law to be with the family. Fortunately, Cathy has been able to get her flight changed from Thursday to Wednesday and to St. Louis rather than Lynchburg so that she can join them in time for the funeral on Thursday.

Cathy needs to make her preparation to leave tonight as she will be leaving early tomorrow morning. Pray that she will not have any problems with her flights being overbooked or any other problems that would delay her getting to St. Louis on time. Pray also that their presence would be a source of God’s strength and grace for the rest of the family.

Blessings in Christ,

Sam & Patti Allgood

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