Travel Day, Oct 6

Today is travel day for both Cathy Rutman and myself. Normally we might have crossed paths in Atlanta, but Cathy’s route to St Louis took her through JFK in New York today.

I just talked to Cathy a short while ago and she has arrived safely at JFK from Dublin. She was real encouraged that she got a free upgrade to first class on that flight after she gave in to several promptings from the Lord to go to the gate desk and ask. Turns out that Delta frequent fliers are on a list that they have available at the desk that they are automatically eligible for an upgrade based on credited miles.

When I arrived in Atlanta, my flight was not showing on the board yet,  so I asked at one of the concourse service desks and got the gate  information. I also asked about an upgrade, but got the runaround about  that not being available for international flights, so I will be asking  at the gate desk also.

Being the computer geek that I am, I can also log onto the Delta web site to  see if there are any first class seats available, both on this flight  and on our return flight. If taking an upgrade on this flight would  reduce chances of Patti and I both getting an upgrade on our return  flight, it would be better to wait to do that together.

Tomorrow will be kind of busy, at least not a lot of opportunity to  catch up on missed sleep, so pray that I will be able to sleep a lot on  the plane.


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