Meetings With Board of Reference Members

After oversleeping a bit on Friday morning, we headed into Dublin for separate meetings with two of our CBSI Board of Reference members, Sean Mullan and Alan Boal. These are the two board members with whom we have the closest relationships and to whom we often look for counsel on ministering in Ireland.

We met with Sean for breakfast … thankfully he was graciously waiting despite our being a half-hour late. Sean has been instrumental in recommending a connection with Alpha-Ireland that we have been pursuing, so we spent a good bit of our time discussing our newest study in Galway which, having started as an Alpha course and is currently functioning as a CBSI study, sparked Sean’s recommendation. He provided some good counsel for us in pursuing a relationship with Alpha-Ireland that will be mutually beneficial and also provided an introduction to another Alpha-Ireland board member. Sean also told us about an ongoing concerted effort to greatly multiply the number of Alpha courses in the Dublin area, which could fit in strategically with an Alpha / CBSI partnership.

We met later for lunch with Alan & Ruth Boal, who in addition to serving as counselors have become part of our Irish family (and Facebook friend). We talked with them about the same subjects as well as what was going on in their ministry, as we had with Sean.

Praise God for giving us these faithful friends, counselors, and encouragers!

Between meetings, we did a little walking around Dublin and came across this Famine Ship Museum.

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