Admin, Calls, and Emails

The one appointment we had scheduled for today was re-scheduled to Thursday, so we spent the day catching up on administrative work, emailing contacts, and making some phone calls.

The morning started with a long phone call with Grace Wort, our area CBSI director. We had several things to talk about following our NST meeting on Saturday, so spent quite a while on the phone. We worked out agreement and better understanding on a new CBSI study distribution model that is being implemented and caught Grace up on developments in Ireland since our arrival.

Sam spent a couple of hours recording notes of our NST meeting and the conversation with Grace to send out to the NST. We also had several email exchanges with the national director of Alpha-Ireland regarding a possible meeting with him. It worked out that he is not available this week, so we attempted to contact another board member that we know to try to meet with him … more on that in the next post.

Sam also had a few email exchanges with a new couple in Cork who are looking for a Bible study for new believers. This couple works at LifeFM Christian radio station with our friend Roger Basick who had emailed us about their interest. They were not necessarily looking to start a small group Bible study, but were looking for a study to use with one person who had recently come to Christ. Sam explained to them about the CBSI program and shared some resources to use with the new believer.

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