More Phone Calls

We have received several encouraging phone calls this morning. The first came from Robert Poynton, our national coordinator, to schedule a short meeting after lunch tomorrow. We will be attending the study that he leads with Ann McGrath at Marley Parish, then we will have lunch with Ann and her fiance. Following lunch we will meet with Robert to discuss CBSI study distribution options and last-minute coordination prior to our departure on Friday.

The next call was from Gerard Gallagher who also serves on the Alpha-Ireland board. We had emailed him about meeting after Paddy Monaghan was not available. We worked through our schedules and agreed to meet at Marley Parish after we meet with Robert tomorrow. So, busy day tomorrow!

Then Mike Shortt returned my call from Monday evening. Mike leads the newest CBSI class in Galway … the one that transitioned from an Alpha course last spring. We got to talk about the details of his strategy of starting an Alpha course in January and hopefully recruit people attending that to attend a CBSI study. After I shared about my email exchanges with Paddy and meeting tomorrow with Gerard, he shared that he had talked with Paddy a few weeks ago and had shared about his experience following Alpha with CBSI. He said Paddy was interested and encouraged with this, so God is making more connections in pursuing such a partnership. Praise God and pray for his continued leading in this, especially as we meet with Gerard at 3pm tomorrow (10am EST).

We’re visiting the Rathfarnham Men’s class this evening … this group played a significant role in getting the Galway class started by showing Mike how it’s done and the leadership offering to come out to assist if needed.

Pray for wisdom in speaking to the leaders of the group about a opportunity to expand in a different way. We have learned that Alpha-Ireland is launching an effort to collaborate with 60 parishes/churches in the Dublin area to advertise/promote new Alpha courses in Dublin run by the parishes/churches. We are considering encouraging our leaders in the Dublin area to consider taking a break from CBSI to support this effort, thus gaining potential new CBSI participants when the Alpha courses conclude and more favor in the churches participating in the effort as they see that CBSI is not about taking people away from church but building them up to serve in their churches.

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