Meetings in Northern Ireland, 24-25 Feb

On Thursday, Patti and Joan had a good visit with a friend who was a great help in getting the CBSI studies started in Northern Ireland. Ria has been and continues to be a source of encouragement and blessing.

Friday they visited with a couple who are friends of our area director. This couple serve the Christian community by training those going on the mission field to raise support for their ministry. It was a good time of fellowship with them and we hope that Joan will be able to continue a relationship with them.

Friday evening, Patti joined Sammy and Joan with their Bible study, which is always a great time of fellowship around the Word of God.

Patti is staying in good health and staying busy. She told me this afternoon that she has not been able to slow down enough to even be able to write in her journal.

Thank you for your continued prayers.

Patti in Northern Ireland

I just talked with Patti via Skype about an hour ago. She had a good trip up to Sammy & Joan Fulton’s in Northern Ireland. Fortunately, the predicted heavy rain was limited to a few sprinkles and she really liked the new GPS we had Robert, our national coordinator, purchase a few days ago.

Pray for three meetings scheduled during her time there. One is with a new contact who is a friend of our regional director. The second is for reconnecting with a friend of the ministry for several years, basically responsible for the initial contact with Joan. The third is with the other couple leading a CBSI study in the area. In addition, Patti will be visiting Sammy & Joan’s group Friday evening.

The Eaglette Has Landed

Patti has safely arrived in Dublin and is getting settled in at the apartment. She called me about 6:30 this morning to let me know everything was going well. She was particularly pleased with the new changes at the Dublin airport, especially with the rental car being delivered to the parking garage and not having to walk in the rain to find it.

She will be resting today. She is planning to meet with our national coordinator either today or tomorrow in order to pick up a GPS (SatNav in Irish lingo) that he purchased for us so that she could have it before heading to Belfast. In the morning she will meeting with another national servants team member before heading to Belfast to spend the rest of the week with the other two members of the national servants team.

So pray for safety in traveling, especially since the weather forecast is for rain all week pretty much for the whole island. I am bringing sunshine with me next week 🙂

Thanks for your prayers.

Spirit Radio is Up and Running!

Spirit Radio Banner

Spirit Radio, first Christian radio station broadcasting nationally in Ireland

Spirit Radio began broadcasting out of Dublin, Ireland in January 2011 and we wanted to encourage you to give them a listen. If you are in one of the major cities shown in the banner you can listen on the indicated station. If not you can listen online at

Give them a listen and maybe drop them a line or call them to let them know how much they are appreciated.