The Eaglette Has Landed

Patti has safely arrived in Dublin and is getting settled in at the apartment. She called me about 6:30 this morning to let me know everything was going well. She was particularly pleased with the new changes at the Dublin airport, especially with the rental car being delivered to the parking garage and not having to walk in the rain to find it.

She will be resting today. She is planning to meet with our national coordinator either today or tomorrow in order to pick up a GPS (SatNav in Irish lingo) that he purchased for us so that she could have it before heading to Belfast. In the morning she will meeting with another national servants team member before heading to Belfast to spend the rest of the week with the other two members of the national servants team.

So pray for safety in traveling, especially since the weather forecast is for rain all week pretty much for the whole island. I am bringing sunshine with me next week 🙂

Thanks for your prayers.

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