Ciaran Fletcher’s Interview on Spirit Radio – 12 March 2011

Ciaran Fletcher leads a CBSI group for men on the south side of Dublin. He and his wife, Els, who leads a group for women, have been doing this for 7 years now. Their studies, along with one other in the area for women that started out of the same fellowship, are the longest lasting studies in Ireland … in fact they have been involved with CBSI longer than we have.

This morning Ciaran had the opportunity to share about his faith journey and how it has been impacted by the CBSI studies on Spirit Radio in Dublin. Spirit is the first Christian radio station to be authorized to broadcast nationally in Ireland and just began broadcasting early this year.

Ciaran’s interview was just under 15 minutes and you can download/listen to the interview here.

CBSI on Spirit Radio

I just received an email from Ciaran Fletcher, one of our key leaders in Dublin, that he will be doing a live interview on Spirit Radio between 11 and 12 (6 and 7 U.S. Eastern Standard Time) tomorrow morning (Sat, 12 Mar). You can listen online at or at one of the stations in Ireland shown on their logo on the right.

Pray for Ciaran, that he would do a great job, and for listeners who would be interested to know more about starting a CBSI study in their area.

Prayer Requests – 5 March 2011

We continue to see that prayer is what makes the key difference in what is happening in CBSI-Ireland. With that in mind, we pass on these prayer requests:

  1. For victory against the attacks of Satan as class leaders face challenges in recruiting other leaders to assist
  2. For new class leaders to recognize the value of consistent Bible study and to be committed to continue the studies
  3. Praise God for Roger and Carey in Cork (American missionaries) who have agreed to be key contacts for us in the Cork area.  Pray for them as they familiarize themselves more intensely with CBSI in order to be able to present CBSI to new contacts looking for a Bible study.
  4. Pray for Joan and her niece, Samantha, as they begin a new study in a coffee shop in Newtownards in Northern Ireland. It is planned to begin 15 Mar, but may need to be delayed as Joan left this morning to be with her brother and family as his wife re-entered the hospital in failing condition from cancer.  Pray for the Lord to strengthen Joan and that she would be able to minister the grace of Christ to her family.
  5. Praise for a very encouraging evening with class leaders last night (full report and picture at It was a fun time of fellowship and sharing how the Word has blessed and challenged people throughout the year.

Dinner With CBSI Leaders – 4 Mar

We had a wonderful dinner in the evening with class leaders and spouses, 15 of us all together. We had a nice dining room to ourselves at the Airport Bewley’s Hotel.

Leaders Dinner

Sharing the blessings of our studies this year.

We kept the program light with sharing testimonies of the year’s blessings and discussing some future ministry changes and Christian events coming up in which we will be participating.

It was interesting to note that almost half of the leaders there (two were spouses who are not involved with CBSI) were from one of our newer studies at Marley Parish. One couple, Gerald and Anne (far end, facing the camera), had just returned this week from their honeymoon in the Canary Islands. Anne co-leads the Marley Parish study with Robert, our national coordinator. Another leader, Els, was on her way back from Belgium (her husband, Ciaran, is closest to the camera) and joined us a while later, making our total 16.

We had 5 studies represented. We were disappointed that Sammy & Joan were not able to join us from Northern Ireland. Joan had just been called that her sister-in-law in England had just been returned to the hospital in serious condition, so she was preparing to go be with her brother and family there.

A very encouraging evening with leaders whose passion for CBSI continues to grow.

Back in Dublin – 2-3 March

We had a leisurely trip from Cork to Dublin on Wednesday.  We planned to spend Thursday making numerous calls and making final preparations for Sammy & Joan Fulton’s arrival late Thursday or on Friday morning and then dinner with our leaders from across the country Friday evening. As the day unfolded, we didn’t get to do as much of that as planned.

We had a few good chats with our landlords, to include assisting them with setting up Skype on their laptop and meeting their newest grandson. During the first chat, Patti learned that she could get an appointment with the landlady’s niece to get her hair cut, so part of her afternoon was spent at the beauty parlor. She liked it so much that she believes she has found another good reason for coming to Ireland every 3 months 🙂

We called the Fultons to confirm their plans for arriving and whether they were bringing their niece as planned. Unfortunately, Joan reported that she had just heard from her brother in England that his wife, who has been suffering from cancer for a good while, took a turn for the worse yesterday and had to be returned to the hospital, possibly in the final stages. So Joan is working on plans to join her sister to go be with their brother and family, so they will not be able to join us this weekend. Please pray for her … she has already lost a brother and his wife to cancer in the last few years in addition to dealing with Sammy’s brain cancer.

It looks like we will have about 15 at our leaders dinner tomorrow evening. This one is less formal than in the past … primarily just a dinner without a message / program.

Patti and I were pleased to be able to complete some editing on some study materials we use here in Ireland also … this was something we have wanted to get done for quite a while.

With the Fultons not being able to join us, we are altering our plans for a National Servants Team meeting on Saturday. We will meet with Robert and Becky for a shorter meeting prior to our dinner tomorrow instead. Pray for wise use of our time on Saturday … that if there is someone here we should meet with that He would make that clear.

Thanks again for holding us up in prayer!

Sam & Patti

Day in Cork

After Sam’s arrival Monday morning and some time to freshen up and get a few hours of sleep, we headed south to Cork for some time with friends Roger & Carey. They are from the U.S. serving the Lord at LifeFM Christian radio station. On Tuesday morning we joined the radio station crew for their morning prayer time and then did a live interview about CBSI at the station. We found out later from Roger that the station will be re-airing the interview at 2:30 am, which will be at 9:30 pm EST, so if you missed it this morning and would like to hear it, you can listen on the internet at

We have had a wonderful time staying with Roger & Carey and their kids and enjoyed a nice meal at an Italian restaurant this evening … we can’t do Fish & Chips every meal.

We head back to Dublin tomorrow (Wednesday), but we don’t have anything to rush back for so we can take our time and take in some of the Irish culture on the way.

Thanks again for your prayers.

Sam & Patti