Day in Cork

After Sam’s arrival Monday morning and some time to freshen up and get a few hours of sleep, we headed south to Cork for some time with friends Roger & Carey. They are from the U.S. serving the Lord at LifeFM Christian radio station. On Tuesday morning we joined the radio station crew for their morning prayer time and then did a live interview about CBSI at the station. We found out later from Roger that the station will be re-airing the interview at 2:30 am, which will be at 9:30 pm EST, so if you missed it this morning and would like to hear it, you can listen on the internet at

We have had a wonderful time staying with Roger & Carey and their kids and enjoyed a nice meal at an Italian restaurant this evening … we can’t do Fish & Chips every meal.

We head back to Dublin tomorrow (Wednesday), but we don’t have anything to rush back for so we can take our time and take in some of the Irish culture on the way.

Thanks again for your prayers.

Sam & Patti

One thought on “Day in Cork

  1. Oops, I entered this post late at night … said we headed south to Galway, which is west! We are actually in Cork!

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