Prayer Requests – 5 March 2011

We continue to see that prayer is what makes the key difference in what is happening in CBSI-Ireland. With that in mind, we pass on these prayer requests:

  1. For victory against the attacks of Satan as class leaders face challenges in recruiting other leaders to assist
  2. For new class leaders to recognize the value of consistent Bible study and to be committed to continue the studies
  3. Praise God for Roger and Carey in Cork (American missionaries) who have agreed to be key contacts for us in the Cork area.  Pray for them as they familiarize themselves more intensely with CBSI in order to be able to present CBSI to new contacts looking for a Bible study.
  4. Pray for Joan and her niece, Samantha, as they begin a new study in a coffee shop in Newtownards in Northern Ireland. It is planned to begin 15 Mar, but may need to be delayed as Joan left this morning to be with her brother and family as his wife re-entered the hospital in failing condition from cancer.  Pray for the Lord to strengthen Joan and that she would be able to minister the grace of Christ to her family.
  5. Praise for a very encouraging evening with class leaders last night (full report and picture at It was a fun time of fellowship and sharing how the Word has blessed and challenged people throughout the year.

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