Prayer Requests and Calendar

I arrived safely in Dublin this morning and am relaxing and getting caught up on some things, including posting these prayer requests and a calendar showing my schedule for this trip, not including some meetings that have not been finalized yet. Click on the calendar for a larger image that will be more readable and printable.


2011-09 Prayer Calendar

2011-09 Prayer Calendar


2 thoughts on “Prayer Requests and Calendar

  1. sammy glad you made it safely to dublin. will be praying for you, and trying to take care of your invalid wifey.
    she is leaving in a hour or so to go to blacksburg where tonja will meet her.
    love ya
    i timothy

  2. Greetings! I am the CBS Prayer Chairman from the Peoria – Day class… and I’ve been reading your blog and reviewing your current requests. We have been blesssed with praying for Ireland over the past several years, and I am so looking forward to lifting your requests up as we meet together tomorrow for the start of our year here. I am going to print your calendar to share and give some of the information from your “about” section. We are interested always in ways that we can pray for you, and for the CBSI nationals leading the classes, and for the country and its spiritual needs. Please continue to post for us the ways we can be doing that… we are dedicated to you for Christ in prayer. God Bless You in your service. Kerri Schellenberg

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