Two Meetings – 5 Sep 2011

Glenn and I had two good meetings today. The first was in the morning with one of the organizers of a worldwide conference being held in Dublin in June 2012 – 50th International Eucharistic Congress. This is a conference that is held every 4 years, next year being it’s 50th occurrence and this being the second time it has been held in Dublin, the first being in 1932.

The organizer, Gerard, first told us about the conference last spring and extended an invitation to come and possibly even participate in some way beyond just attending. This meeting was both to introduce him to Glenn, our CBSI Europe Director, and to discuss further what forms of participation might be open.

Gerard encouraged us to consider having and manning an information booth about CBSI, which would be pretty much an all-day event Monday through Saturday. The other option, which he also encouraged us in, was to coordinate with a local church to use their facilities to do presentations about CBSI and any other activities which would serve to promote the ministry among participants. These church events could be every day or select days planned to complement the particular focus of each day … there were two days that have an appropriate focus matching CBSI’s purpose of getting everyone in the world in the Word.

We have two churches with whom we have particularly good relationships that we hope to connect with this week to talk about those possibilities. One of them, which hosts one of our study groups, may be too far out of the center of the city for it to be a viable place to do so and we are hoping that the church leaders will have a better feel for that. We are visiting that class this Wednesday morning, so hope to talk with the leaders about that then.

Pray for God’s leading for us and for the leaders of these churches about pursuing this.

The other meeting was in the evening with the national director of Alpha-Ireland. We were meeting with him to discuss our desire to establish a formal or informal partnership between Alpha-Ireland and CBSI-Ireland. We have seen that the Alpha courses (you can click here to learn more about Alpha) serve as a good introduction to the Bible for people who have not studied the Bible previously and may find CBSI studies a rather daunting challenge with its personal study requirements. In addition, Alpha does not offer a long-term study program that teaches participants to study the Bible on their own.

In light of this, we feel that it would be a mutually beneficial partnership to be more familiar with each other’s ministries and strengths so that when people have completed the Alpha courses, the Alpha leaders would consider recommending CBSI if asked for additional resources. Likewise we would encourage people to consider Alpha if they did not feel they could take on CBSI.

We believe our input was well-received though no indications were given of whether he was particularly interested in the proposal. If nothing else, we were able to establish a healthy relationship with another national ministry leader, for which we are happy.

Here again, pray for God’s leading for us and them on whether this is something to be pursued further.

Blessings in Christ,


P.S. Patti’s father is doing fairly well and has been moved to a rehabilitation center for what should be a short stay until he regains his strength and ability to care for himself. Patti has gone on to Tennessee after visiting him to be with our son (as well as our daughter and her family) as they await the arrival of our grandson.

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