One Meeting – 6 Sep 2011

My apologies for being so long in sending out another update. A combination of scheduling meeting, changing schedules, actually meeting, and bad internet connections have colluded against my being able to do so. Obviously many of you have been praying as it has been a very good week (I am writing this late Friday night even though I am reporting each day separately as of the date of the meetings).

Today we only had one meeting. Glenn and I had a profitable time of fellowship and discussion with Sean who serves on our CBSI Board of reference and as a personal advisor on ministering in the Irish culture. Glenn and I have been discussing our shared concern about why the CBSI ministry has not grown and expanded more after having a presence in Ireland for 12 years. Glenn asked Sean for his perspective about this and we received some good feedback on this, both regarding the need to broaden and deepening the development of leaders and understanding some things about the Irish culture.

After our time with Sean, since we were in Dublin City Centre, we spent some time walking around, taking in some of that Irish culture and enjoying our first Irish meal in a downton pub. We got to experience some of the Irish welcoming waters (rain) and took a few good pictures.

We were not able to schedule any other meetings for the day, so we spent the rest of the day trying to do so, talking about ministry issues, and getting to know one another better.


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