Visit with Class Leader – 7 Sep 2011

Wednesday evening we were scheduled to have dinner with Becky, a member of  the CBSI-Ireland National Servants Team, and her family. Once of her children got sick, so they needed to cancel and we re-scheduled for breakfast out on Thursday when we wouldn’t be risking catching what he had by coming to their house. We coordinated with another couple that live in the same area with whom we were meeting after dinner, to meet a little earlier.

Glenn and I decided to use the free afternoon to visit Newgrange as recommended by a friend of Glenn’s. It features religious ritual sites built prior to the Egyptian pyramids. We enjoyed an afternoon visiting the museum there and then visiting the site which was basically a man-made cave. Visitors are taken into the cave through a very narrow entrance with several low areas requiring us to bend over to enter. Once gathered at the end, the tour guide demonstrated how the light would come in through the entrance to shine on the floor of the inner ceremonial area, but only at the Winter Soltice in December … 5 days for 17 minutes each … because the entrance is perfectly aligned to receive that light on those days.

After Newgrange, we met with Joyce, one of our CBSI class leaders and her husband, Jesse. Jesse and Joyce are missionaries in Ireland with Greater Europe Mission, whom Glenn had also served with several years ago, so they had a lot of memories to talk about and relationship to reconnect. Joyce’s group had also just restarted earlier in the day, so we talked about their class also, which is the only CBSI study in their area.

Another blessed ending to another blessed day! May yours be blessed also.


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