Dinner and Dessert with Friends – 8 Sep 2011

Long-time friends of the ministry, Colin and Rosemary, invited us over Thursday evening for fellowship and dinner. We visited and had some good sharing and a wonderful dinner. I was glad to see that Rosemary has recovered well after having both knees replaced over a couple of years. Colin continues to have a vibrant ministry in local schools teaching Walk Through the Bible and Rosemary continues to help Els lead the CBSI study that is the longest continually running study in the history of the ministry.

After dinner with them, we went to the home of Ciaran and Els for coffee and fellowship. As the ministry’s longest-term and most effective leaders, I was anxious for Glenn to meet them and get their perspective on the ministry and improving its effectiveness. They had some very good input for us. We continually praise God for their faithfulness and friendship.

One thought on “Dinner and Dessert with Friends – 8 Sep 2011

  1. Love following your trip and seeing pictures of people we have been praying for. Dover Class has TRAINING ON 12/13 ,will be sharing your email’s with the class.—-plus praying for the ministry. The Lord is truly blessing you all. Sylvia Gilmore AD Delaware

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