Getting to Know Fultons – 9 Sep 2011

We had a wonderful evening of food and fellowship with Sammy and Joan, but first they had to show us there  new car (new to them anyhow … recently purchased). Actually, it wasn’t the car but the license plate (registration in Ireland) that they wanted us to see …

They felt it was providential given the ‘interpretation’ and that they did not request it …

TF: The Fultons

07: The year they started their first CBSI class

CBS: Community Bible Study, of course.

They had been waiting excitedly to show us rather than tell us … unfortunately, Patti was not able to be there to share the experience with me.

Glenn really enjoyed getting to know them over a long visit. He left for England on Sunday to join his wife with some friends before going to the home of the UK CBSI National Director for a CBSI-Europe regional servants team meeting. I stayed with Sammy & Joan until Tuesday when I joined Glenn and the others for that meeting.

I got to talk over lots of things about the ministry with Sammy & Joan and was very encouraged to hear their heart to see the ministry expanding and taking the Word to many, many more people in Ireland. We pray their passion and vision will be multiplied abundantly among other leaders.

In addition, I got to meet their niece and nephew who live two houses from them after losing both their parents to cancer within the last few years. The niece is helping Sammy and Joan lead the CBSI study that meets in the coffee shop (shown below) and is showing a heart to grow into more leadership in the future. The nephew and I connected on a technical level (computer geeks),  but he is working through some issues in being more comfortable in public before fully committing to the study.

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