On to London – 12 Sep 2011

North of London, actually. Flew in to London – Luton which is north of London and where we were meeting was north of there, very close to Bedford where John Bunyan was in prison when he wrote Pilgrim’s Progress. Grace, our immediate supervisor in this ministry, picked up myself and one other lady at the airport for the short ride to our meeting place, which was a very old and gorgeous home on a small farm with pasture land, orchards, and barns.

One of the barns has been converted into a youth conference center complete with an indoor pool, game room, kitchenette, and bedrooms. Some of the 10 or so participants at our gathering stayed there while the rest of us, myself included, had rooms in the house (which we learned in an earlier visit comes complete with its own ghost … at least stories of one).

Tuesday evening was simply getting everyone together and then going out to dinner together. Richard and Veronica had lined up a nice restaurant for dinner each evening and breakfast and lunch at the house. Wednesday and Thursday were full days of meetings. I led a good portion of Thursdays meeting with discussions about our new role mentoring and encouraging the CBSI-Europe Calebs and then some demonstrations of some things Glenn has had me working on to provide some internet-based calendar-sharing tools as well as a new CBSI-Europe web site.

One fun part was having Patti join us for the Caleb discussion via Skype from Tennessee … unfortunately no announcement about a grandson having arrived. She has been reporting that her dad is improving and hoping to go home this weekend and that our daughter-in-law is having labor pains and some contractions, just not intense enough to deliver yet. Patti has been doing well also with only minor spells that eventually go away. Thank you for praying for all of this.

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