Back to Belfast – 16 Sep 2011

I found and appreciated that travelling between Belfast and England is quite easy since Northern Ireland is still part of the U.K. There was no passport checking, customs checks, or anything. The other lady who had arrived at Luton about the same time as I did on Tuesday complained that it took about 2 hours to get through customs from Zurich whereas I had just walked right in. It was the same going out and quite easy. Sammy picked me up at the airport and we had dinner at their home with Joan and their son shortly after we got there. We had plenty of time on the way, so Sammy showed me some of the sights, to include the port where the Titanic was built (in Belfast) and a cruise ship was currently docked.

Had more great discussions with Sammy and Joan both Friday evening and Saturday morning about some roles I had asked them to pray about and about Catholic / Protestant relations in Ireland. It was good to come together in unity.

I had talked with Sammy shortly after arriving the previous Friday about entering into a more intentional discipling relationship with me. He had agreed to that, so we discussed then and some more after my return about how and when we would do this using email, Skype, phone calls, and my blog on discipling one-to-one … I am looking forward to this developing relationship and learning more about long-distance discipling.

I got on the road to head back to Dublin about 2pm Saturday afternoon and arrived back at our apartment around 4:30pm. I had not rushed back because I did not have anything scheduled until dinner with some couples on the southside of Dublin at 6:30. I realized that I should have left earlier though as I did have a few things that needed to be done before I left to included getting some clothes washed. It all worked out, but I would have liked to not have been so rushed … but I’m also glad that I got such good time with Sammy and Joan.

Sammy, BTW, is the one for whom we were all praying earlier with a brain tumor that had returned after being surgically removed. He is doing extremely well and currently showing no signs of ill-effects of the tumor or surgery. Be looking shortly for a story that Joan wrote for the CBSI fall newsletter edition … I’ll share it here on my blog also. I was encouraged to hear that she is keeping a journal of her stories, all of which are amazing … maybe a book is in the making!

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