Good News Report

This is a recent story written by Joan, one of the key CBSI-Ireland leaders in the Ulster region of Ireland. When we heard the story, we asked if she would write it to share in this fall’s CBSI newsletter. She did and I’m also sharing it here that it may bless you also if you don’t get the newsletter.


I have an amazing testimony of how God used His Word to rescue someone in need. In March my family was going through a difficult time as my sister-in-law Jenny was terminally ill with cancer. During this very sad time we were going back and forward to England to be together. While I was preparing for another trip to England which turned out to be the last time I spent time with Jenny I received a text from a woman in the hospital.

The women in the hospital was from my old church and a young woman in her ward whose name was Denise saw her reading her bible and went over to talk to her. Denise asked her a few questions and one question was did she know Lenny Allan. The lady reading her bible said she did not know Lenny but did know his sister who is me. Denise asked the woman if she could have my mobile number and she sent me a text to ask permission.

I gave her permission to give Denise my number and within a few minutes I received the phone call that God had set up to rescue Denise. At the time she rang I had been reading Psalm 20 that another one of God’s people had given me to help me through this difficult time with Jenny.

We talked about how she couldn’t cope with life and how she had been hurt by wrong choices but equally how she had hurt so many people even the people she loved. I started to share how Jesus helps those who are in the place where she found herself. I read Psalm 20 and the verse that spoke to me, which I shared with her, was verse 5 and it brings tears to my eyes when I think of how this verse was fulfilled.

Denise had been to church years before and was seeking God but wrong choices led her away from God. We talked for a couple of hours during which Denise gave her heart to Jesus and accepted him as Saviour and she reminded me that people would only remember all the pain she had caused both herself and others. I reminded her God would remember her decision and that all her messes He would turn into messages. I reread verse 5 in Psalm 20 and even I did not realise how God would fulfil this verse.

I told her all about CBSI and told her about a new class that was going to start on the 15th of March and she was planning to be there so when I ordered the lessons Denise lessons was in that order. I rang Denise later that night to see how she was and she had been released home from the hospital and was in bed reading her bible that her mum brought to her. I told her I would be in touch with her when I got back from England as I was going to see Jenny and would arrange transport for her for bible study. Just for the record Denise is the niece of Jenny from her side of the family and I had not seen Denise for a very long time and was not aware of the things that she was going through.

I headed off to see Jenny and spend time with my brother and family and when I got there Denise’s mother was also visiting and she mentioned to me about Denise… her daughter coming to CBSI bible study in the coffee shop. I stayed for a few days and I got the opportunity to share about the new class in the coffee shop thinking nothing of it.

This is where I stand in awe of our God for on the day I was leaving Jenny…Jenny had to go to the hospice and while we were waiting to say goodbye to her I was left alone with Denise’s mother who again shared about Denise coming to bible study and about Jenny’s funeral that seemed inevitable and God reminded us that we did not know who was next as only God know the days each of us have but that we should all be ready. Her mum said she knew she needed to be ready but left the matter there. Just then it was time to say goodbye to Jenny and it was the last time I saw Jenny alive for Jenny died shortly after that … but there was to be one funeral before her that not even I expected.

As I was in the airport about to board my flight home…my heart already broken with saying goodbye to Jenny…my brother rang to inform me that Denise, yes Denise the woman who I had the privilege to lead to Jesus just over a week before had been found dead on the sofa within the last hour and was now absent from her body and in His Presence. I still stand in awe at how right now God has and will as others read this testimony be fulfilling Psalm 20 verse 5 Awesome God!!!!!

I shared the good news with her mother and father of God’s Grace!!! And then I attended her funeral and God was Glorified and banners were waved at the Grace and Mercy of our God…PRAISE GOD.



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