Dinner, Dessert, and Discussion – 17 Sep 2011

My final night in Ireland was shared with good friends and CBSI study leaders on the southside of Dublin. The dinner was hosted by Ciaran and Els, leaders of the longest-lasting and healthiest studies in Ireland and we were joined by the leaders of the other studies that have grown out of Els’ original group. We had extensive discussions about two international conferences coming up in 2012 in Dublin and what to expect at those conferences.

Despite having made a mental note to be sure to take my camera to take pictures of their beautiful newly-remodeled kitchen and dining room … I forgot it. So no pictures with this post.

After that I went back to the apartment and made final preparations for an early beginning to a long day of travelling to get back home.

One thought on “Dinner, Dessert, and Discussion – 17 Sep 2011

  1. Thanks so much for all the wonderful updates. I feel so connected through all your reports. I am wondering if you could post a list of the teaching directors or leaders of each group and ways that we can pray for each of their classes. We are committed to praying for Ireland this year and I am so excited to pray for the people you have already told us about! Any specific ways you can suggest are very helpful.

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