5 Feb 2012 – Safely Back in Dublin

We arrived back in Dublin half an hour before scheduled this morning. It was 11 am by the time we got through customs, picked up our rental car, and arrived at our apartment, where our hosts waited with tea and toast. We have been getting things organized and catching up on some sleep.

Thank you for your prayers. Pray for a good night’s rest tonight as we will be spending 2-3 hours on the road tomorrow driving to the other side of the island for a dinner meeting and prayer gathering in Limerick. The weather is decent … cloudy and cold; we’re thankful for not having snow and ice.


Sam & Patti

One thought on “5 Feb 2012 – Safely Back in Dublin

  1. So glad you made it there safely. We had a wonderful service at TRBC this AM.
    your blogs are really cool.
    love you both
    Tim and Cathy
    say hello to sean and marie for us and the sheldons when you see them.

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