6 Feb 2012 – An Evening in Limerick

We had our first ministry venture into Limerick Monday evening. We had planned to visit friends Roger and Carey in Cork on Tuesday. Roger now works with Focus on the Family Ireland and their director, Stephen, asked Roger to invite us to join him in Limerick on Monday evening for a prayer meeting. So we drove over to Limerick in the afternoon to have dinner with Roger and Stephen and then went with them to the prayer meeting in Moyross. We had a wonderful time with Roger and Stephen learning about the ministry of Focus on the Family in Ireland and sharing about the ministry of CBSI in Ireland.

Moyross has a reputation through-out Ireland as a very rough neighborhood, sounding like the way many think of Harlem in the U.S. But God has been working there recently as seen at the prayer meeting organized by Focus on the Family and another ministry called Transformation Limerick. The prayer meeting is a combination of people from various Christian organization and churches who are seeking to have an impact in this area and those from the area whose lives have been (or are being) rescued from the trenches filled with the sins of the world.

We were welcomed by everyone we met and several were very interested to hear about our ministry. We shared information packets with Liam, the organizer of Transformation Limerick and Vision for Revival, Alec, an elder at a church in Shannon, and Tony from Listowel in County Kerry. We did not receive any specific requests for presentations about the studies we offer, but certainly felt that several doors were opened for future contact and we look forward to engaging these contacts more in the future.

It was another late night, so it was good that we got to sleep in until 11am this morning … we didn’t get back to Roger’s home in Cork until almost midnight. Our time in Cork is primarily to spend time with Roger and Carey, so they let us sleep in late again to catch up on sleep some more. Roger’s job with Focus on the Family allows him to work from home, so he’s able to be flexible with his schedule for our time together.

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