7 Feb 2012 – A Day in Cork

After sleeping in late again (it takes several days to adjust to the time difference), we had a wonderful day with Roger and Carey and their two children. Roger and Carey are American missionaries serving with HCJB Global and currently working with Focus on the Family Ireland. HCJB and Roger are focused on advancing the gospel of Christ through radio ministries and Roger is helping FOTF-Ireland with expanding and improving their radio programs in Ireland. Roger is able to work from home and therefore has a fairly flexible schedule.

We all visited the FOTA Animal Park and got to watch and interact with a wide variety of exotic animals, many of which we had never seen before …

Patti keeping a safe distance from a giant pelican


After enjoying the afternoon in fellowship among the wildlife, we went into the Cork city-centre for dinner and then back to their place for a relaxing evening learning more about the challenges of ministering in the southern regions of Ireland. Roger and Carey have been key contacts for us in Cork for several years and have been promoting CBSI and trying to get a study going with friends themselves, but are encountering a great deal of resistance, generally coming from the Irish culture and their willingness to participate in certain forms of small group community.

We continue to learn a lot about the culture of the Irish and the challenges of making the CBSI studies an effective tool for a broader audience.

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