8 Feb 2012 – Return to Dublin

The day began a little late again (silly jet lag!). We had brunch and some good fellowship with Roger and Carey before leaving bound for Galway. We wanted to meet with one of our contacts there but had not been able to get in touch with her and hoped to do so on the way. We stopped for dinner before getting to Limerick on the way to Galway. Not being able to get our contact in Galway, we decided to head back to our apartment in Dublin where we had plenty of work awaiting us preparing for our National Servants Team meeting on Saturday and presentations at a conference next week.

We had a good and safe day driving, but were a little disappointed that so far we have seen very little sun. The clouds are blocking the very beautiful views of Ireland, especially the mountains in the distance. It is nice though that there is a good network of highways criss-crossing the country now which makes for quicker trips, but also causes you to miss the treasure of driving through the many quaint little towns.

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