9 Feb 2012 – Preparing

Jet lag and the lack of morning commitments keep (allow) us sleeping late again. Having not shopped to stock up our apartment yet, we went into town to get some lunch and do some shopping. We were a little surprised to find that the relatively expensive ‘hot meat sandwiches’ at the local carvery came with nothing else, just two pieces of buttered bread with a couple of slices of roast beef.

After we finished with lunch, shopping, and putting stuff away, we had some time to discuss plans for our Saturday NST meeting and next week’s conference before friends and advisors pick us up to go out for dinner.

Colin and Rosemary have been ministering in Ireland for many years and Rosemary is part of the leadership team of the longest-lasting CBSI study in Ireland. They were instrumental in helping Tim and Cathy Rutman to get the ministry started here in Ireland and continue to be valued friends and advisors. We had a very helpful chat over dinner as they provided some good input regarding plans for future activities and similarities and differences with the feedback we received from Roger and Carey.

It was also great to hear of Colin’s continued success with his Walk Thru the Bible program in the local public schools. He had just recently heard that everyone in one of the classes reported that his course was their favorite program that year. The Lord has given him great favor among the teachers and students in many schools.

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