10 Feb 2012 – Meeting and Arrival

One of the great blessings of ministering here in Ireland is that God has given us relationships with wonderful people who have extensive experience and are willing to spend time with us to share some of their lessons learned. Among those are Alan and Ruth who met us for tea at the Botanic Gardens today.

Alan pastors an historic church in downtown Dublin as well as serving on our Board of Reference (four Irish pastors to whom we can refer contacts to get their validation of the CBSI ministry). Alan and Ruth are not only crucial advisors, but good friends, plus Ruth’s facebook posts keep us current on the weather and activities in Dublin :).

After a good couple of hours conversation with them, Patti and I had a good walk around the garden grounds to take in the beautiful surroundings while getting some exercise. We arrived back at our apartment shortly before the arrival of Sammy and Joan, CBSI leaders from Northern Ireland who were spending the weekend with us in order to be here for the NST meeting tomorrow.

After giving them some time to rest, we took Sammy and Joan to dinner at one of our favorite eateries … The White House. We enjoyed catching up on what was going on in ‘the North’ and updating them on our trip so far. It was interesting to learn more about their involvement with a Christianity Explored ministry in their church and discuss how it can be used in conjunction with their CBSI study.

It was also very interesting to hear more about how their CBSI study, which meets in a coffee shop, is impacting people, even those who are not participants but are regularly listening in on the discussions from the perimeter.

Upon returning to the apartment, we had a wonderful time enjoying watching Courageous, which they had heard about but had not had a chance to see in Ireland.

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