11 Feb 2012 – National Servants Team Meeting

Most of today was spent meeting with the CBSI-Ireland National Servants Team. Our time began with welcoming a new member, Anne McGrath, who has recently accepted the role of Financial Coordinator for the ministry. After some time in prayer and the Word together, we spent the next several hours reviewing and discussing:

  • the ministry’s financial status, which is reasonably healthy considering the current financial climate
  • the NST responsibilities and individual roles which needed to be updated
  • a potential new class on the south side of Dublin
  • our participation in the conference next week and similar participation in a major conference in June (both excellent opportunities to network with other ministries and introduce them to CBSI)
  • Sam & Patti’s meetings so far on this trip and plans for the rest of the trip
  • some things observed that were contributing to the health of the existing study groups
  • when to have another CBSI national leaders dinner / conference … tentatively next February

It was an excellent time together that included lunch and some good fellowship.

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