15 Feb 2012 – Morning Bible Study

We had a wonderful morning joining 9 men and women at Marley Parish studying Acts 18. We thought it was interesting that our perspective was that they had a very good and lively discussion today, but the leaders felt that it was a little subdued compared to normal.

It was also encouraging to hear that some members of a group meeting at a nearby parish are coming to visit their class next week as they had heard about their study and wanted to consider using the CBSI studies for their class. Anne, the main organizer of this class, has been quite active and effective in spreading the word about CBSI. This is the same Anne who recently joined our National Servants Team as financial coordinator … what a blessing she is to the ministry … keep her in your prayers.

We also had a ‘brilliant time’ (as they say here in Ireland) with Anne and her husband Gerald over lunch after the study (pictured below). They had some excellent input for us in regards to our participation in the next big conference in June.

Sam & Patti having lunch with Gerald & Anne (and Grace, taking picture)

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