15 Feb 2012 – Evening Conference

The RELay (Reconciliation, Evangelisation, Leadership, and Youth) Conference on Courageous Leadership began this evening at 8pm. Registration opened at 4pm, so we were able to get there at 4:30 to set up our information table.

RELaY Conference Greeting Area

We don’t have counts yet, but we heard they have about 250 registered, so there should be many opportunities to meet new people from across Europe. The largest contingency seems to be from Croatia.

We met several people this evening and had some very encouraging conversations. We are being led in worship this week by a group primarily from Slovakia (I say ‘primarily’ because there is a guy attending one of our studies here who is playing guitar with them).

We had a very challenging message this evening by Lynn Green on Preparing for Courageous Leadership using the example of Daniel. Lynn has served for many years with Youth With a Mission (YWAM) and now focuses much of his energy on international leadership development.

We’re looking to learn a lot, be challenged a lot, and draw closer to the Lord as we also seek to introduce these Christian leaders from around Europe to some effective Bible study tools. Thanks for praying with us. The days are long, but I will try to post updates each day.

2 thoughts on “15 Feb 2012 – Evening Conference

  1. Great. Thanks for the update. Remember, you met Mike Elwood in Luton at Veronica;s house last Sept. Mike is ARD over Croatia – speaks fluent Croatian. In case you can point the Croats to us/Mike.

    Also, there is no such country as Czechoslovakia. It’s now Czech and Slovakia since 1990. 🙂 thought you might want to be accurate.

  2. Thanks Glenn. Grace confirms that they said Slovakia. I guess my American brain automatically converted that to what I was familiar with. Have corrected.

    Will certainly point any we meet to Mike or you, plus we have your postcard out. Do you know what language CBSI is translated into? Megan provided some Serbian translations, but no Slovakian.

    BTW, did you notice I added a link in the portlets to Third Space on the right? Sean Mullan just opened that coffee shop (we went on their first day) just down the street from where we met him at the Cinammon Cafe downtown in September. Will post about that when I get a chance.

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