16 Feb 2012 – RELaY Conference: First Full Day

Today was the first full day of of the RELaY Conference. Lynn Green spoke to us again in the morning about Hearing the Voice of the Shepherd from John 10 and challenged us in regards to leading with love (followers responding to your voice) rather than through fear or position.

Nicky Gumbel, who plays a major role in the development of the Alpha program used by churches around the world, spoke to us twice today about the Values of a Courageous Leader. Between his messages this morning and this evening we had meals and afternoon sessions around the four main focuses of RELaY …

  • Reconciliation (between the various Christian denominations of the world)
  • Evangelisation (primarily focused on Europe)
  • Leadership, and
  • Youth

Grace, Patti, and I chose to each take one of the first three and then share with each other what we learned. We all thought the sessions we attended were excellent, but have not had time yet to share all of the content. Between meetings and in the sessions we have met many wonderful people and many have shown real interest in knowing more about Community Bible Study International. The bags have not been as big of a hit as we expected, but we don’t have great visibility and some people have said that they didn’t know that they were free. We expect they will go more quickly once I have the opportunity for a short presentation either tomorrow morning or Saturday morning and I say a little about the bags then.

Pictures are not turning out well, but I am including a video that I took of one of the wonderful worship times …

One thought on “16 Feb 2012 – RELaY Conference: First Full Day

  1. HOW awesome to follow your journey with email and prayer.The Lord is blessing the ministry and opening up new avenues of sharing. Thank you for your faithfulness. The Dover Class is covering you all in prayer. PRAYING Prov 3;: 5-6 Sylvia Gilmore

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