18 Feb 2012 – RELaY Conference Final Day

As they say here in Ireland, it was a GRAND day at the conference. In addition to continuing to meet people expressing interest in the CBSI Bible studies, we had excellent results through our workshop. When they asked for a show of hands of how many people wanted to attend the various workshops (about 6 of them), we and Alpha had about 20 each, the most of all the options. It looked like a lot of people were planning to do other things.

We ended up with a total of 30 (counting the 5 of us conducting the workshop). In addition to giving a detailed description of the ministry, we took them through a sample, shortened study on Joshua 1 which was very relative to the conference theme of Courageous Leadership. There seemed to be much interest in using the studies from many of the participants.

More than half of the participants were Croatians and did not speak English (fortunately they had their own interpreter). Here are some pictures from the workshop …

Grace Wort, CBSI-Europe Regional Director, tells workshop participants how CBSI Bibles studies function.

Ciaran Fletcher, class leader of CBSI-Ireland class, shares how the CBSI studies have impacted his life and ministry with workshop participants.

Veronica Alvarez, CBSI-UK Director (2nd from left) leads a discussion with workshop participants.

The non-English speaking Croatian participants listen intently as their translator reads Joshua 1 and asks the questions.

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