19 Feb 2012 – A Day of Rest and Relaxation

Having spent most of the week in worship and fellowship and being exhausted from the long days, preparations, and presentations, we decided to rest after taking Veronica to the airport and not go to church. Also, having just learned after returning from the conference last night that our friend and advisor, Rosemary, was in the hospital, we wanted to pay her a visit if possible.

It was finally a beautiful day that we could not waste staying inside (first non-cloudy day since arriving in Ireland), so we decided to show Grace the Powerscourt Mansion and gardens that were not far from where we could visit Rosemary afterwards. It was indeed an absolutely beautiful day. We were able to get lunch there, walk the grounds, and enjoy coffee and dessert afterwards (it was even nice enough to sit on the patio to enjoy them more). I did take pictures, but neglected to get them copied to my computer before leaving Ireland and Patti has no way to get any more pictures off of the camera before returning home on Sunday.

We were able to visit Rosemary on the way home. She was doing pretty well after having some respiratory problems and was hoping to go home tomorrow or Tuesday.

After returning to our apartment and having some dinner, we packed in preparation for my return home tomorrow.

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