20 Feb 2012 – Travel Day for All

On the way to the airport to drop me off for my return trip home, we stopped by the car rental office just outside the airport to take me off as a driver and add Grace in my place. Upon leaving there I verified the route to the airport with the agent and he suggested something very helpful … “when you get there, pull into the rental return section so that you don’t have to pay the parking fees.” All these years of going to the airport to drop off / pick up people and paying parking fees, and now we find out that we could have been parking for free! At least we know now.

We had time to have breakfast together at the airport before we parted, me for the U.S. and Patti and Grace for Northern Ireland with a night with friends of Grace about half-way there. While I was relaxing on the plane headed west (and enjoying some conversation with a friendly Irishman), Patti and Grace were visiting Grace’s friends, telling them about CBSI, and getting a tour of their farm (Grace said that Patti made a bovine friend that wanted to come home with her).

My flights were smooth, uneventful, and ahead of schedule, getting me home about 8 pm. I had time to unpack before heading to bed to try to get a good night’s sleep before going back to work tomorrow.

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