21/22 Feb 2012 – On to Northern Ireland

Well, I’m back at work, but Patti and Grace continue their trek northward with three visits scheduled, including a night with the Fultons, and then driving back to Dublin tomorrow. They began with a lunch meeting with Ria, a friend and advisor in the north whose sage wisdom set the stage for all of the CBSI studies in Northern Ireland. The Fulton’s normally have their Bible study on Tuesday nights, but they are taking a break due to some other commitments. Instead a ‘tea’ was planned with the people in the study who could attend.

Everyone except the Fultons cancelled due to sickness or other reasons, so they all went out to a nice Fish & Chips restaurant (man, I’m missing Ireland already!). Before heading back to Dublin today, they also enjoyed lunch with Myles and Phyllis and got some time for Patti’s favorite past-time … shopping at charity shops (thrift stores).

Patti with Joan & Sammy in the background and Phyllis & Myles in the foreground.

Patti evaluating helping out a local charity.

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