Oct 10 Update From Sam

I talked with Patti last night and they had a busy, busy day of traveling and meetings. Having not slept well Tuesday night, she and Cathy were pretty exhausted and didn’t get back to the apartment until after 10pm.

They met with two key leaders and one other ministry leader (3 separate meetings several hours drive between the three) . The other ministry leader had recently moved back to Ireland from the U.S. It is so amazing the stories that God intertwines in our lives. This other ministry leader led one of our key study leaders to Christ many years ago when our study leader was a teen and the other leader was ministering with Campus Crusade for Christ in Dublin. He is just returning to Dublin to minister again, having lived most recently in Lynchburg, VA, where he and his family knew and worshipped with Tim and Cathy Rutman. They had asked for Cathy and Patti to come for a visit when they got to Dublin and are now praying about using the CBSI studies as part of their ministry in Ireland.

Pray for me as I prepare to leave tomorrow early afternoon and still have a number of things to do … Bible study tonight to include having the opening to share about our ministry / this trip, some last-minute shopping, laundry, and packing.

Keep up the prayers,


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