Oct 12/13 – Sam To Ireland

I had a good trip to Ireland with no problems with any of my flights. I even got to make the first connection from Newport News to Atlanta sitting next to a friend from a previous church, so we got to enjoy some good conversation along the way. I wish I had been able to get some sleep on the Atlanta to Dublin leg, but it was just too noisy and maybe I had had too much caffeine. I did get to rest anyhow and was able to rest peacefully enough in order to participate coherently in events after my arrival.

We had a dear friend, Roger, who was returning to Ireland from a ministry trip to Switzerland who agreed to come by our apartment after his arrival since we would not be able to meet at any other time. His flight was a little delayed, so he arrived at our apartment later than expected. Since he didn’t arrive until close to lunch time, he stayed until Sammy and Joan arrived from Northern Ireland and we all had lunch together. We had some wonderful fellowship together and our friends from opposite ends of Ireland (Roger lives in Cork way down south) to meet each other.

In the evening we met for dinner with our National Servants Team and spouses. This was a special time to honor and celebrate the service of Sammy and Joan Fulton and Becky Schuster who are stepping down from the NST. It was a special treat to have Cathy Rutman there with us as she was the one who played the major role in recruiting them to lead CBSI studies and to serve on the NST. They all are sensing God’s direction to continue serving Him in other capacities but want to continue the personal relationships with us.

After all that (and some in-between) … blessed sleep!

Oops, just realized I put the wrong dates in the title (blame the jet lag) and corrected it!

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