Oct 14 – Arrivals, Departures, and a Meeting

Our new immediate ministry supervisor, Veronica Alvarez, from the UK, flew in this morning and joined us for a late breakfast. As she was getting settled in, Sammy and Joan and Cathy were preparing to leave. Cathy is going to spend a couple of days in the north with them and they are bringing her back on Tuesday. We all went out to lunch together on their way out to wrap up our time together. It is really tough to think that we will not be seeing Sammy and Joan every trip to Ireland, but the bonds are strong and we do plan to visit as often as possible. They have told us from the early days of their involvement that their home is our home and we are always welcome. Even though they are not planning to lead a CBSI study this year, our conversations over the weekend indicate that the door is open for using them in the future as they fit in with their new ministry focus.

We got to rest some in the afternoon (some serious nap time for Sam) before heading to the south side of Dublin for some sweet time of fellowship with the leaders of 3 of the 4 groups that are continuing in Ireland. As always, they provide us valuable perspective on the ministry in Ireland and recommendations for improving strategies for expanding the studies in other localities.

After returning to our apartment, we got to Skype home to our daughter to wish our 12-year-old granddaughter a happy birthday and hear what she got on this special day. It’s so encouraging to be able to keep up with them, and others, through Skype and Facebook while we are away.

One thought on “Oct 14 – Arrivals, Departures, and a Meeting

  1. Reblogged this on iconobaptist and commented:
    Our friends Sam and Patti Allgood (we call them “Salmon Patty,” ha ha!) are currently in Ireland on a missions trip for Community Bible Study International, where they serve as “Calebs” to Ireland (several trips a year). Blessings to them/prayers for them!

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