Oct 15 – Encouraging Discussions

We met this morning with Becky Schuster (mentioned in an earlier post as having just stepped down from the CBSI-Ireland National Servants Team). She has been inquiring for a couple of years about using CBSI Children’s materials in Ireland, but the requirements for establishing a national children’s ministry have just been too much for her to take on. Now that we (Patti and I) are reporting to Veronica Alvarez, who also serves as the CBSI-UK Director currently), she says that we can be part of their national children’s program, receive training from their children’s director (a friend that we know who is also Irish), and use their materials. Because of this, Becky wanted to meet with her to discuss options.

This was a very encouraging meeting as it seems to open doors for Becky to not only use the children’s materials but to also engage some other mothers who might also be interested. In addition, we looked over other materials from the UK and discussed other ideas that were very encouraging and fruitful and could prove very effective in expanding studies in Ireland in the future. We ended our meeting with lunch together at one of our favorite restaurants / pubs in the area with a very interesting name … Stoop Your Head. They have a wonderful seafood chowder that we all enjoyed.

Sam, Patti, and Veronica did a little touring and shopping while we were there in Skerries and then headed to the south side of Dublin again to meet with friends Colin and Rosemary. Rosemary is one of the earliest CBSI study participants, she and Colin helped Cathy to get the ministry started in the early days, and have served as counselors on ministering in Ireland ever since. In addition to some wonderful Shepherds Pie and dessert, we got some helpful counsel regarding some possible future changes in the ministry that we are considering, as well as Colin and Veronica getting to catch up on some mutual friends in the UK.

With that all done, I got to catch up on about 4 days of posting to my blog.

Continue praying this week as we plan to meet with several others to seek their counsel on these same future changes. We have some meeting arrangements made and some still need to be pursued. All of these are people are ministers who have a good sense of what is going on among Christians in Ireland and how they will probably respond to various ministry approaches. Two serve on our CBSI board of reference (and therefore their counsel and support is very critical) and the others are ministry leaders whose opinions we value very highly. Pray for God’s wisdom for all of us as we seek His leading.


Sam & Patti

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