Oct 17 – One Disappointment and Several Constructive Meetings

The one disappointment was that Cathy was not able to get a seat on either her planned flight to Atlanta or an alternate to New York City this morning. The good news is that she is taking it well (she gets to stay in her homeland another day) and they virtually guaranteed that she would get a seat tomorrow morning as they had lots of empty ones.

After dropping her off at the airport, Veronica, Patti, and I went to visit one of the Dublin Bible studies led by Robert and Anne, our two remaining National Servants Team members. They had a wonderful discussion on James 4 with about 12 men and women including the 3 of us. I had to skip out at the end of the study to go pick up Cathy when she called about missing her flight, but was still able to get back to Robert’s home for lunch and an NST meeting. It was a great time of fellowship and sharing with them the changes we have been discussing with Veronica this week and getting their concurrence on those.

Our wonderful landlord took Veronica to the airport while Patti and I met with a new prospect for dinner and Cathy prepared again to fly out tomorrow morning. The meeting with this new contact was very positive and encouraging and we expect to be hearing more from her in the future.

After getting back to our apartment, we got an email from Joan in Northern Ireland asking for us to call when we had a chance. She was very excited that their pastor had asked Sammy and others leading some discipleship groups at their church if they had any Bible studies to suggest to use after their current series. Sammy was very excited to suggest CBSI and they wanted to follow-up with us about some new CBSI starter studies that we had discussed earlier in the week. Joan was very excited about this door opening, so even though they have stepped down from the NST and weren’t planning to continue leading their personal CBSI study, God is opening doors or opportunity to keep them engaged.

We are meeting mid-morning tomorrow with a pastor (and his wife) who is on our board of reference and in the afternoon with another strategic ministry leader to discuss the changes we have been discussing to get their input. Pray for clarity in our discussions and unity of spirit as we all seek God’s leading. Other than those two meetings, we can rest some tomorrow

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