Oct 19 – Cathy’s Away, Visiting Home and Friends

Hooray! Cathy was able to get a flight to the U.S. this morning … still waiting to hear of her safe arrival. After dropping her at the airport, Patti and I finished preparations for a day on the road for some sightseeing and lunch with some friends.

Our sightseeing was to a very special place … a place that I discovered through my ancestral research was the homeplace of my 11th great grandfather … right here in Ireland …

Stradbally Hall

This is one of the pictures we took of it today. Unfortunately its not generally open for public tours, but we did get to drive around on the grounds and take some photos. If you care to see some more, you can visit http://www.stradballyhall.ie/index.html, which also has some documents that tell the story of the hall.

We then drove to Wicklow to visit new friends Tip and Laurie who just moved here last month to minister with Teen Challenge. We met them through Cathy … they attended her church in Lynchburg. We had a very encouraging time with them over lunch at the Wicklow Golf Club which had beautiful views of the Irish Sea like this one …

Wicklow Gold Club View

Wicklow Gold Club View

If you enjoy scenic seasides or golf courses, you can see some more at http://www.wicklowgolfclub.ie/galleries.

The visit with Tip and Laurie could result in another CBSI study in Ireland. Tip meets with a group of men from church and they are in the process of deciding on their next study, so we provided him a sample copy of a study for them to begin considering tomorrow morning.

I’ll be on the road again tomorrow to attend an InsideOut Men’s Conference. After that, we’ll be preparing for an early morning flight home, so this will probably be my last report until at least when we arrive in Atlanta.

Thanks again for all your prayers and support that enable us to be here.

3 thoughts on “Oct 19 – Cathy’s Away, Visiting Home and Friends

  1. Quite the house there Sam. That’s amazing that you were able to track your family back so far.

    So glad you guys made it back safely. We’re having our second damp (‘soft’) day here and the grey is deeply entrenched.

    Loved seeing you guys. Thank you so much for the lovely dinner and the gift you got me. It was very thoughtful of you.

    I’ll be meeting with my small group next week and we’ll see what their thoughts are about doing one of the CBSI studies as a group, kids included. I’m not sure how it’ll work to do a kids study with one 9 year old etc. but it’s worthy looking into.

    Talk to you soon,


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