Major Changes Ahead for the Ministry in Ireland

It has been an exciting 2013 already. We were in Colorado Springs the end of January to attend the Community Bible Study Teaching Directors Conference. While there we were able to share with many the blessings of traveling to Ireland and talking to new contacts about starting Bible studies as well as tell them what God has been doing through the studies over the past year.

One such event was to see the end of a CBSI class in Newtownards, Northern Ireland that was struggling and within six months, another class start in a totally new location with over 40 people attending.

At the TD conference, Sam was talking to someone at his table and discovered that a member of her class was moving to Ireland in March. Only this week, we learned that this couple is friends with a young lady that we had talked to in October and they will be living near each other. Both are interested in getting a CBSI study going in their village. Only God can do that!

This week we have had the opportunity to share our ministry and vision for CBS Ireland with two local CBS classes and are excited about their interest and encouragement.

We are anticipating that the remainder of 2013 will be just as busy and exciting. Thanks to all of you who give and/or pray for the ministry to Ireland so faithfully, we couldn’t do any of it without your prayers and gifts.

Here are some dates for you to remember and pray for:

  •  6-19 March: Ireland and the UK (15-19 for a UK leaders conference.) Key time with our leaders in Ireland then a jump to the UK to introduce ourselves and share about the Ireland ministry at their leaders conference. Our Prayer Calendar for this trip can be viewed and printed at
  • 11 April: CBSI Day at the class in Lynchburg, Va. Sharing with them concerning the ministry
  • 2-5 May: We will be in Spain for a CBSI-Europe Country Leaders conference
  • June/ July: MOVE TO IRELAND!

That’s right … we’re moving to Ireland! For a year or so we have been thinking, talking, and praying about God’s plan for Ireland and our part in His plan. The consensus among our leaders in Ireland, our supervisors in CBSI, and us is that the ministry needs someone living there full-time in order to move forward with multiplying studies and establishing National leadership.

For 8 years, we have been traveling to Ireland, 2-3 times a year for periods of 2-3 weeks at a time, building relationships, establishing studies, networking with other ministry organizations and learning the culture of Ireland. After much prayer, we have concluded that God is calling us to continue with CBSI Ireland. Not only to continue but to do more Sam will retire from his job in May and we will move to Ireland this summer, probably in July. For the first year we will be able to stay in the home of American missionaries who will be on furlough in the US. This will help to reduce costs, but how much depends on what God arranges for them in the US.

We are committing to stay for a year, but believe that it will take longer than that to fulfill the mission. That year will be a time of evaluating the effectiveness of living there and whether the mission can be completed in another year or two. God has been opening doors and we are excited to see what He has in store for this time in Ireland.

Obviously, living in Ireland costs a lot more than traveling there three times a year, but our support system will be the same. We do not receive a salary from CBS, but can be reimbursed for all expenses up to the amount that has been donated.

We don’t have a full picture yet of our financial needs, but we expect them to be in the neighborhood of $5,000 per month which is $4,000 – $4,500 more than we currently receive in donations per month. One of the reasons for needing such a high amount is the exchange rate for euros. Currently, we lose one third of every dollar spent in Ireland.

We knew that you would want to know about these changes so that you can be praying for our preparations for the move and for God to provide the necessary funds. We would love to share more in depth with those who are interested in why and how we have come to this decision. Please feel free to drop us a note and we will be glad to call or try to visit with you.

We are hoping to have regular updates of what is happening in Ireland as well as our travel plans. We have this blog site that will be updated regularly … just enter your email address in the subscribe box in the top right corner to get an email whenever I post an update. For those who would like to contribute to this mission adventure, you can go to our donation page and follow the instructions there to give to our ministry. Would you please pray and ask God if He would have you be a part of our team. We realize there are many demands on all of us these days and trust that God will provide for all of our needs and yours at this time.

By God’s Grace and our love,

Sam & Patti Allgood

CBSI Calebs to Ireland and Northern Ireland

One thought on “Major Changes Ahead for the Ministry in Ireland

  1. Hi Sam,

    So much great news! Saturday looks good for you to come over and we can chat… Just call us Friday and we’ll arrange the time.

    Looking forward to seeing you!


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