Mar 6-7 Traveling to Ireland

Our trip to Ireland, beginning on Wed March 6th, was a little more hectic than usual. With the winter storm coming into the northeast, many flights were being delayed. Our flight to Philadelphia was the only one out of Newport News to Philly that wasn’t cancelled. The flight was coming to us from Philly and because of delays there was delayed getting to Newport News by two hours … fortunately we had a scheduled 4-hour layover there. Newport News didn’t get any of the snow Wednesday, but we did get a good bit of wind, making for one of the bumpiest takeoffs we have experienced.

The flight to Dublin took off on time and was not as crowded as usual, probably because of all the cancellations due to the weather. It was a fairly smooth trip and we were able to get some sleep on the way. We got in over Dublin at the scheduled time, but circled the airport for about 30 minutes while they dealt with a two-seater that had its landing gear collapse when they landed.

It was a nice surprise to find that our car rental company considers us regular customers and had our car brought to the airport so we didn’t have to take the shuttle out to the rental lot like usual. And its a 2013 Renault!

As usual, our hosts were waiting and provided tea and a snack. We had a fun couple of hours with them and their 2 year old grandson before getting our things into our little chalet and starting to settle in. We went shopping for a couple of hours where we had some lunch and picked up groceries for the week. Our hosts had us over for dinner and fellowship until I couldn’t hold my eyes open any longer.

It appears that we brought the wet, dreary weather with us. We’ll welcome drier, warmer weather but the forecasts are calling for more cold weather.

2 thoughts on “Mar 6-7 Traveling to Ireland

  1. May God richly bless your journey. The Peoria day class is faithfully covering you in prayer. Love the updates.

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