Mar 8 – Resting and Getting to Work

We slept in late this morning, catching up on the sleep missed in traveling. We did manage to make connections with some key people and make final arrangements for later meetings. After having lunch at one of our favorite local cafes at the Dublin Botanical Gardens.

Fish & Chips

Strangly, before I could start eating I could hear this voice calling ‘Tim, Tim’ … but I ate it anyway! After lunch we were able to relax there for a couple of hours while we had some time with the Lord and did some reading.

Then we drove to the south side of Dublin for dinner with our friends and advisors, Colin and Rosemary. We had a wonderful 3-4 hours with them enjoying a wonderful meal, great fellowship, and getting some good counsel on issues relative to our time of extended stay in Ireland beginning this summer.

Back home, we were able to Skype chat with our daughter and granddaughter and get some time to catch up on our emails and my blogging.

Tomorrow we will have lunch with the couple who have offered us their home while they are in the states. We’ll get some extended time with them to nail down dates, expectations, and necessities.

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