Mar 9 – The Big Preparations

We were both a little surprised at how late we slept in again this morning … it does take several days to fully adjust to the time difference. We were just finishing up a light breakfast when we realized we only had about an hour before we needed to leave for a lunch appointment with Jonathan and Becky who’s home we will be staying in for a year. We took lots of pictures of the house in case we needed to remember any particulars about it before we come. Here’s one of the living room from the dining room.

Living Room

Living Room

We also talked about local churches and ministry opportunities. We found out this morning that a new contact (Tom, that we learned about while at the CBS TD conference a month ago and is living here in Ireland) is going to be taking over one of the courses that Jonathan teaches at the Irish Bible Institute while he is gone. Jonathan and I talked about some possible ministry opportunities at IBI. Tom had replied to my email this morning and suggested that we meet for lunch near IBI on Tuesday as he was going to be sitting in on Jonathan’s class in preparation for that. When Jonathan and I talked about that, he invited us to come to the class also and we might have the opportunity to meet some of the staff and talk about those possible opportunities.

So God continues to open new doors and blessing in unexpected ways. Again, thank you for praying for us.

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