Mar 10 – Church and Mother’s Day

That’s right … it’s Mother’s Day, at least in Ireland. Patti likes the idea of getting to celebrate twice 🙂

We went to church in downtown Dublin at Abbey Presbyterian … pastored by one of our Board of Reference members (a board that we can use on our brochures of Irish clergy who vouch for our ministry) and where Robert, our national coordinator, and his wife worship. We had a wonderful time of fellowship with those we knew and meeting some new people. One couple that we met are from Pennsylvania and are here ministering with Abbey for several year … possibly interested in using CBSI studies and in a related connection. Another gentleman is studying at the Irish Bible Institute that I mentioned yesterday and we are looking forward to connecting there also.

It was very encouraging to have an hour-long Skype chat with fellow Calebs Fielder and Gretchen Israel who are currently in Paris, France for 3 months and live near us back home in Williamsburg, VA. Gretchen first heard about CBSI when Patti shared at her CBS class in Williamsburg several years ago. We look forward to more time with them at the leaders conference in England the end of this week as well as a few days together in the home of the UK director who is also our supervisor.

So far, tomorrow is a free day with one possible appointment developing. We may take the time if the weather is not too bad to go downtown to talk with immigration officials about our options for extended stay in Ireland, such as a year-long tourist visa..

The weather continues to be dreary and cold … we’ve gotten used to that in Ireland, but it still takes adjustment.

Looking forward to the week ahead as it unfolds.

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